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We’ve got a truly integrated set of

To add value to your auditing experience, we have developed a Process Based Audit Software which does all the work for you. No more paper checklist. Grab your tablet or smartphone, input your data and the SMART platform does the rest, Including generating your reports. Its logic is configured to do all types of audits - (Internal, Supply Based and Certification)
You can also utilize our tool as part of our Mentored Audit program.

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We are building a SMART Supply Chain
one company at a time.

Our integrated risk management software includes a comprehensive sets of solutions that will accelerate your Annex SL Certification.

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Verification Management

Process Audit Management

Gap and Implementation Management

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Contract Management

Our SMART TOOLS usher in the wave of the future with implementation and maintenance of management system standards in a paperless web-based, un-biased platform. This platform, thus creates a lifelong, economic and environmentally green product which instantly repays for itself.

Customer success is our passion.

As a mechanism to add value to your auditing experience, we have developed a Process Based Audit reporting platform to conduct Gap Audits, Supply Based Audits and Internal Audits. You can also utilize this tool as a part of our Mentored Audit program along with our On-Site Internal Audit Training. We perform a truly robust conformity audit collecting data about the performance of your management system and reporting on the levels of conformity, opportunities to improve, effectiveness and where there are deviations non-conformities. The audit report is a useful tool for input to Leadership team meetings and Executive Board papers preparation.